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Celiac Disease Awareness Month

May is Celiac Awareness Month! Celiac Disease Awareness is represented by the color green! How do you normally celebrate? One of my favorite things to do is support local, gluten free restaurants in my area. I also wanted to share some amazing resources below provided by Beyond Celiac at https://www.beyondceliac.org/, that you can share with… Continue reading Celiac Disease Awareness Month

Celiac Disease

Celiac Disease and Quarantine

What a crazy world it is right now! I'm officially on Day 27 of quarantine... I'm actually counting from the day after our last day of school. I've been out a couple of times for essential errands, but I've mostly been in my house or walking outside. What day of quarantine is it for you?… Continue reading Celiac Disease and Quarantine

Celiac Disease

Celiac Disease and Eating Out

A major question that often arises after receiving a celiac disease diagnosis is: am I able to eat out? The short answer is yes, but it involves being confident in knowing what you can eat and what questions to ask. The safest way to eat out is to find a dedicated gluten free facility. Simple,… Continue reading Celiac Disease and Eating Out

Celiac Disease

Celiac Disease and Food Sensitivities

Celiac disease is an autoimmune disease in which your body can't digest gluten. Gluten is a protein found in grains such as wheat, barley, and rye. However, once diagnosed with celiac disease, you may also discover that there are other foods you're sensitive or intolerant to, such as dairy. Once your small intestine has time… Continue reading Celiac Disease and Food Sensitivities

Celiac Disease

Fatigue and Bloating and Mood, Oh My!

My three main side effects when I get "glutened" are fatigue, bloating, and a change in mood. First, with fatigue, I struggle with simple, everyday tasks. Sometimes just taking a shower wears me out. Especially when I need to wash my hair or shave. I'll also get really tired going up and down the stairs.… Continue reading Fatigue and Bloating and Mood, Oh My!

Celiac Disease

Celiac Disease and Anxiety

"Do you know what it's like to be alone?Truly alone?You think you're alone, but then the honeymoon ends...Anxiety comes knocking at your door...He's an welcome guest who won't take no for an answer, but barges into your solitude...Your palms sweat. Your pulse quickens. The tension thickens...You can't breathe...You will Anxiety to stop, to leave, but… Continue reading Celiac Disease and Anxiety

Celiac Disease

The ABCs of Autoimmune Disease

An autoimmune disease is a disease in which the body's immune system attacks healthy cells. There have been more than 80 autoimmune diseases that have been identified. Common types of autoimmune disease include: type 1 diabetes, multiple sclerosis, lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis. Celiac disease is often mistaken as a gluten allergy, but it's actually an… Continue reading The ABCs of Autoimmune Disease

Celiac Disease

Vitamins Are a Girl’s (and Boy’s) Best Friend

Once you've been diagnosed as a celiac, it's common to discover that you may also be deficient in some of the following: calcium, fiber, folate, iron, magnesium, niacin, riboflavin, vitamin B12, vitamin D, or zinc. This is caused by the inability of your damaged small intestine to properly absorb the nutrients that your body needs.… Continue reading Vitamins Are a Girl’s (and Boy’s) Best Friend

Celiac Disease

Only the Finest Ingredients

As a celiac, it's important to become comfortable reading food labels, in order to determine whether or not a food is gluten free and safe to eat. The first thing to know is that the Food Allergen Labeling Consumer Protection Act requires that foods are labeled to identify the eight major food allergens: milk, eggs,… Continue reading Only the Finest Ingredients

Celiac Disease

The Dreaded Gluten Crumbs

One of the biggest worries as a celiac is when it comes to the cross-contact of our food...a.k.a., gluten crumbs hijacking our safe, gluten free meal. Let me just put it out there that as a celiac, gluten crumbs are the enemy. I have become a master of maintaining my composure on the outside while… Continue reading The Dreaded Gluten Crumbs